born with black eyes


DreamDontSleep: Is anyone here? May 26, 2014 18:55:30 GMT
barf939: I'm here. May 28, 2014 7:55:24 GMT
barf939: okay I'm bored bye May 28, 2014 7:56:07 GMT
Locutor: If you need voice over for these videos. Jun 23, 2014 16:23:46 GMT
PossiblyPossesed : :| Jun 24, 2014 23:45:52 GMT
bayern: hi Jun 26, 2014 12:34:39 GMT
faggot: hi Jul 8, 2014 0:04:42 GMT
hola: que tal. buen foro Jul 23, 2014 18:01:02 GMT
Mark t: Hi all Jul 27, 2014 21:22:09 GMT
Mark t: Anyone believe in ghosts or the paranormal Jul 27, 2014 21:22:45 GMT
hola: gola Jul 29, 2014 22:27:48 GMT
hi: hi Aug 8, 2014 13:54:00 GMT
hi: hi Aug 8, 2014 13:54:16 GMT
Dan: I believe that my spirit guide is a maasai warrior, would anyone know how I would contact him/her? Aug 8, 2014 22:50:47 GMT
Ann: Dan, I have a lot of experience with spirits. Much, much experience. There are no such things and spirit guides. Any spirit which can make contact with you are evil or unclean spirits. Trust me I know. Aug 8, 2014 22:59:28 GMT
Ann: I used to converse with spirits, through EVP recordings for about a year and a half. Then one day, one of my recordings told me to watch out, that there were demons round and about. I figured it was a spirit yanking my chain, so I continued recording. Aug 8, 2014 23:05:15 GMT
Ann: Shortly after that warning, I started hearing the spirits without the records. And those spirits tortured me! I didn't know where to turn so I accepted Jesus as my savior and got baptized in the holy spirit. Now I no longer hear the evil spirits. Aug 8, 2014 23:08:45 GMT
Ann: However, now I have the holy spirit and all that the holy spirit offers! Trust me, everyone! There are no "good spirits" communicating with the living. They are all in heaven and happy as can be. Only the unclean spirits bother with humanity. Aug 8, 2014 23:10:53 GMT
Ann: They certainly do not want to help you! Their only goal is to kill, steal and destroy! If you are interested in the supernatural, then accept Jesus as your savior and get baptized in the holy spirit. Then you will know supernatural power through Jesus! Aug 8, 2014 23:16:18 GMT
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